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Our beliefs... a great home is not something that should be the privilege of a few, but accessible to all. A well-designed home can inspire, invigorate and in some instances heal, is this not something we all deserve?

Studio Perfectus is focused on delivering, simple, sustainable and modern residential homes. The primary focus is to deliver a home that reflects your lifestyle and harmoniously merges with the surrounding area. The focus of the design process is YOU and what YOU want from your home. The process is collaborative, with decisions being made and agreed on by all involved in realising your dream.

Working with Studio Perfectus means:

  • Designs have been created in a meaningful and holistic approach.

  • All of our designs have been created with buildability in mind.

  • All of our designs are underpinned by building science, engineering and technology.

  • We don't inflate our cost by charging a percentage-based fee but based on an hourly rate fee.

  • We use the latest 3D design software to explore, explain and ensure the final design is what you want.

About: About


I'm Roger Hines, a dedicated Chartered Architectural Technologist & Landscape Designer with a passion for making a positive difference in peoples lives.

My Story

So, what am I..... well, here is an interesting and intriguing question. I'm a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Landscape designer holding a degree in both Architectural Technology and Landscape Design, prior to this I have worked within the construction industry as a business owner, Foreman, Stone Masonry Builder and Bricklayer. I have climbed the ladder from the bottom to the top and seen the construction industry in all of its stages, both in residential and domestic settings to commercial builds.

I decided to make the move to train as a design professional as I saw a need for intelligent design solutions, created by people that understood the industry from an inside perspective. I also have a driving passion for nature and how we can connect this with the built environment in a harmonious way. This passion led me into Landscape design and how I could influence the spaces that we experience every day, this then intrigued me further and guided my decision to study Architectural Technology, which is the understanding of intelligent building design. The combination of my studies influences the designs I produce and how I understand spaces and create intelligent design solutions.


Throughout everything that we are taught as designers, this concept is fundamentally the most underrated one; K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple Stupid!

Although we work and follow the RIBA Plan of Works, we feel there is no need to bog our clients down with the technicalities of the process at the start of their journey toward creating their dream home. For this reason we brake it down in to the steps above. For more information on the RIBA Plan of Works and to download your own copy, please click the button below.


To enhance lives whilst making a difference.
The primary focus of Studio Perfectus has always been to put the client's needs first, the task is then to align these with our core values of sustainable design. Throughout years of experience within the construction industry, we have seen a need for a change, we hope to help that change become the norm!


By applying critical thinking from the beginning and looking at the desired project outcomes, we develop a design that meets the aesthetic values needed for the success of a project and vital details such as energy consumption, carbon footprint, and the adaptability of the building for future use.

We ensure all projects meet the strict criteria that enable us to produce a design that delivers success.


Thanks to our clients and our design process, this enable us to produce high-quality solutions for our clients. These solutions could be any or all of the following; high-end residential house designs, house remodelling and alterations, house extensions and finally, to ensure the finished product is sat well within its surroundings, a landscape design that effortlessly complements both property and the surrounding environment.

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