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Architectural Services in Clitheroe

I was asked about starting my business and way I chose to do it in Clitheroe.

Well the honest answer is, I live in Clitheroe and as I actively support sustainability and working towards a healthier world, it made sense to reduce my carbon footprint and work from home.

I have worked all over the north west, from Barnoldswick, Gisburn, Whalley and now Clitheroe. One of the great things that has come from Covid-19 (this maybe the only one), was everyone's understanding that you can work and operate all over the country from your home. We have project as fair away as Cheshire and its not a problem, iv even been on-site virtually to go through things whilst on a clients mobile phone, its GREAT!!

Are you going to get an office?, is another question I get asked.

Yes is the short answer, but it will have to be the right office in the right place. As the business grows and we see the need for more staff, we will have to consider an office. In and ideal world we would love the opportunity to convert an existing building into our office space as this helps substantiate our sustainability aspirations. (Roger would love to convert an agricultural building as he's a barn geek).

Do you find it hard offering architectural design services in Clitheroe or within the Ribble Valley?

No, we love working within the Ribble Valley and surrounding boroughs. We have the opportunity to work on many outstanding projects as well as adapting some amazing homes and the clientele is always open and honest with that northern charm.

What sort of projects do you get asked to do?

Well, we get aske to do a variety of project types. Although we specialise in larger sustainable homes, we also design smaller new build homes, we do house renovations and adaptation projects, home extensions and even just garden design. We are happy to look at all project types, and if we feel we are the right people to tackle your problem we will offer our services.

Thank you for reading this short answer in to why we decided to offer architectural services in Clitheroe, I hope this has help you to understand a little bit more about who we are and what we do.

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