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The Cost of Building a House or Extension

We have all had that thought, "Can I afford to build my own home or even extend this one?"

Well, this is one of the top questions we get asked, EVERYTIME we meet with clients. Now it is worth noting that we aren't Quantity Surveyors and many of them will tut in horror as we go through this (I know because, I'm married to one of them!). With that said, let's dive straight in.....

So how do we inform clients about what they can expect to spend on a project?

Well we gather information from various websites and resources as well as asking local trades what they are currently charging per meter squared (m2). This allows us to get an overall view of the current market and how current affairs are affecting the costs of construction.

Now, building or extending a home is a very rewarding thing but it can be very confusing and stressful at the beginning! People are often asking themselves, "where do I start, how much will this cost me, do I need a Builder or an Architect First".

Well, lets help you out, Firstly, we have lots of resources available on our website to help you understand the process along with room scheduling tools to help you quantify the potential cost of a project using the information available in this blog post. Click here for our FREE resources!!

At present (May 2022) the average construction costs per m2 (Quantity Surveyors hate it when we do this) is around £2150.00.

For an outline construction budget estimate, we can use the table below to inform the potential cost of a project. These prices will vary depending on many factors and are intended as a guideline and should not replace expert advise in this area.




Construction cost per m2




Average 2 bedroom house construction cost 95m2




Average 3 bedroom house construction cost 120m2




Average 4 bedroom house construction cost 150m2




The costs above do not include other expenses that you may incur if you were to embark on new build or home extension project. You would also have fees for the following:

  • Statutory fees - Planning and Building Regulation application fees

  • Professional fees - Architectural , Structural, Consultant fees

  • Service connections

  • Legal fees

It's is also worth noting that the prices above are excluding VAT, although for New Builds VAT is zero-rated.

The list above is brief and their could be many more fees associated with a project, depending upon its size and the scope of the work involved. For a new build on a difficult site in greenfield the amount of consultants would be greater than with those required on a single-storey rear extension!

We hope this has informed you as to what to expected the cost of your project to be, if you want to discuss in more detail, Studio Perfectus are happy to talk and guide you through your project, from inception to completion.

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